Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Friday is the last day to do course evaluations. Please do them. Here is the incentive provided in the syllabus. There are many people in the class for whom this could make a significant difference.
The percentage of students in the class who complete the course evaluation will be multiplied by 2. The product will be added to every students point total. For example, if 80% of students do the evaluations then 1.6 points will be added to every student's final grade.
I'll be updating your homework scores today on Canvas. After today there will be 2 more points available for turning in homework, viz., 1 point for tomorrow's homework and 1 point for taking the midterm.

The final exam period for this class is scheduled for Thursday 12:45PM - 2:45PM. Please note the early start-time!

As noted below, the 2nd midterm and the final will be administered during the final exam period. The default expectation is that you will take the midterm first and the final exam afterwards. However, you are not constrained by the default. Here are your real-life options.
1. You may do the tests in any order you choose, but not concurrently. When you are finished with one, you may submit it (irretrievably) and request the other. 
2. You may choose to do only the final exam. If you do this, then the grade you get on the final will be substituted for your 2nd midterm grade as well. This is not a recommended strategy, but it may not be a bad one for some students. 
3. You may spend as much time as you like on each test, as long as the total does not exceed 2 hours. (Clearly, a poor strategy is to spend more than one hour on the midterm, as there is no option to substitute your grade on the midterm for your grade on the final.)
Regarding the tests themselves:

The midterm will have the same content and structure as advertised below before it's postponement. (Here is the practice test. Here are the solutions.) The difference will be that the test will be shorter by one problem. All proofs will be drawn from previous solved homework problems. The models used will be the same, but the formulas to be evaluated will be different.

The final exam will consist of:
1. Some problems drawn from the first or second midterm. This is the inclusive or, meaning they may be drawn from both.  However, if I do use problems from the 2nd midterm on the final, they will be of the semantic variety, not proofs. And, consistent with previous practice, these will use the same models, but not the same formulas for evaluation as occur on the 2nd midterm. 
2. Some problems similar but not identical to those from homework 20 on the course schedule. One or more problems identical to those from homework 21 on the course schedule. 
3. Short essay questions relating to general properties of logic and set theory as well as important results. These will mostly cover the last two weeks. By Monday 12/10 I will publish a list of these questions, a proper subset of which will occur on the final. 
4. You will be provided with a list of inference rules and definitions. I will put it up here by Monday 12/10, so that you can be familiar with its contents.

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