Saturday, November 24, 2018

I hope you all had a satisfying Thanksgiving and are enjoying being able to breathe again.

As you know, we missed three class periods due to the smoke from the Camp Fire. This homework, which was originally due on Tuesday November 13th, is now due Tuesday November 27th. The assignment is to do all of the problems.

In the immediately preceding post I explain that the midterm, which was to have been taken on Tuesday the 20th has been postponed to the day of the final.  The practice test below remains indicative of what that test will contain, but I will be shortening it so that it is reasonable to expect it to be completed within an hour. I will not tell you in advance how I will be shortening it.

The syllabus indicates that you receive a homework credit for taking each of the midterms.  This remains in effect. If you choose not to take the midterm, then you will not receive a homework credit on the day of the final.

Here is the homework for Thursday, which draws on the second set of lecture slides (2.4) from week 12. Turn in numbers 1 and 3.

During the final week of classes we will be studying selectively from material for the final 2 weeks of classes.

Important: In order to make up the rest of your homework points, each homework for this week will be worth 2 points.

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